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Mr. Chris Ogden, Consultant Uro-oncologist, MB BS MS FRCSEd FRCSEng FRCSUrol FEBU is a pioneer of robotic surgery in the UK.

Special Interests:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Da Vinci nerve sparing robotic prostate surgery
  • High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for prostate cancer

Chris Ogden, consultant Uro-oncologist is a pioneer of robotic surgery in the UK and ‘one of the worlds leading robotic surgeons’ (BBC Horizon). He has the longest and largest series of radical robotic prostatectomies in the UK, with thousands of robotic prostatectomies (Mail on Sunday August 2017). Mr Ogden is a high volume surgeon performing over a hundred operations a year. He was recruited to The Royal Marsden hospital in 2006 to set up and lead the robotic prostatectomy program. He was attracted to the hospital as a keen advocate of ‘active surveillance’ for prostate cancer, which was invented at the Marsden.

"Chris Ogden - one of the world's leading robotic surgeons" BBC Horizon

Chris Ogden recently presented to ERUS 2019 his radical perineal insufflated prostatectomy series – he is the first Surgeon in Europe to perform this perineal robotic prostatectomy and his series is currently the third in the world along with Dr Jihad Kaouk, Cleveland Clinic, USA.
You can see the ERUS 2019 presentation here.

Chris Ogden was the first UK urologist to present the UK experience to the fledgling European Robotic Urological Society and the American Urological Society; also presenting the first one hundred, then 500, robotic cases with outcome to the British Urological Society; as well as the only clinical comparison between whole gland HIFU and Robotic prostatectomy, the two novel competing technologies at that time. This comparison showed that whole gland HIFU delivered the perfect trifecta outcome in a third of patients, but that overall robotic surgical removal had the edge. Building on his HIFU experience and the introduction of MRI imaging of prostate cancer in 2009 he has been involved in the development of Focal HIFU day case surgery for treating certain forms of prostate cancer, completing the multi centre INDEX study into the effectiveness of focal therapy, published in 2017 and he is a keen advocate of this treatment. 

He is the only robotic surgeon to be listed in the Daily Mail’s “The best urologists in Britain” list in 2010 and 2018, which was voted by his peers and he now has nearly 20 years robotic prostatectomy experience.


His team performed the first robotic prostatectomy in the private sector in 2005 at the Princess Grace Hospital on one of his private patients.

The national AUDIT for radical prostatectomy within British Urology (BAUS) was made public for the first time in 2015. More recently the three year data outcomes for 2015, 2016 and 2017 in radical prostatectomy has been published. Data relating to Mr Ogden’s work was independently collected and audited by the Royal Marsden Audit department, and presented to the BAUS audit committee who collated the results and fed this back to the individual Surgeons, Trusts and patients.
The data shows that Mr Ogden is one of the few high volume surgeons in robotic prostate surgery (more than 100 cases a year). In this national analysis, he has had no serious complications (Clavian III or above) and zero transfusion rate. The BAUS national Audit data shows that Mr Ogden’s personal practice at the Princess Grace Hospital (HCA) demonstrates an overall surgical margin rate of 11.8% compared to the overall national surgical margin rate of 26.3%.
Mr Ogden’s results are equivalent to the best published results of the world leading robotic prostate surgeons:  for cancer margins (clearance), urinary continence and sexual function.

Please click the button below to see full BAUS data published in 2018.

Mr Ogden continues to innovate. He teamed up with Dr Kouk of the Cleveland clinic to perform the first Radical Robotic Perineal Prostatectomy in Europe, written up in Urology News at the time. Since, he has performed sixteen cases and he presented his outcomes (the first series in Europe) to ERUS in 2019 and presented to the European Urological Association annual congress in July 2020. He is one of only three surgeons in the world performing the procedure. The technique has exciting prospects, with the introduction of the latest Da Vinci robot, the SP. The application of his skill in perineal open surgery, learnt as a travelling fellow to Duke University Carolina and developed as a newly appointed consultant, married with his extensive experience of radical prostatectomy in the UK, gives him the potential to improve the outcomes for patients undergoing radical prostatectomy.


1st in the UK!

Chris Ogden performs 1st robotic-assisted transpereneal radical prostatectomy in the UK
One of only three surgeons in the world to perform this surgery
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