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Robots In The Kitchen? Great British Menu 2018

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If you were looking for a urologist specialising in robotic surgery probably the last place you would look is in the kitchen!

To help raise awareness for prostate cancer and robotic surgery and despite his huge workload, Chris Ogden was invited to make a guest appearance on the judges panel in this year’s fish final. The winners of this year’s competition receive the honour of cooking for the heroes of the NHS at the banquet.


Chris Ogden with the 3 judges from Great British Menu.


“A revolutionary pioneer of robotic surgery specialising in prostate cancer and the most prolific prostate robotic surgeon at London’s Royal Marsden”, Chris Ogden discussed the evolvement of prostate cancer surgery and in particular the use of the da Vinci robotic device “which was initially researched and pioneered by NASA and enhances the use of key hole instruments which are manipulated remotely through a console which the surgeon sits [at] to carry out the procedure.”

He continues on how this safe, successful surgery has “empowered [men] to be diagnosed and treated early and therefore the outcomes are much better for men.”

Click here for more information regarding prostate cancer and robotic surgery

One of the regular judges, Matthew Fort, asked Chris a question before the dish prepared by Ellis Barrie (representing the North West) was served:

“Chris, is mackerel special enough for a banquet?”

The response from Chris: “It depends how special the chef is!” turned out to be a great prophecy. Ellis was duly selected as the winner of the fish course final with all 4 judges giving him a perfect score of 10. The quality of his cooking was outstanding but most importantly the way his “Bun In The Oven” met the brief of the competition was also greatly admired.

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